This is my little part of the internets

It may get updated a lot, it may change every few years, it may not get touched at all lets wait and see what happenes.
I haz a facebook, but you won't see whats there because of settings, twitter is more open but nothing goes on there much these days.
I QuakeLive and Quake Champions, I am not a pro, I'm just above n00b somewhere in the silver tier* some howUnranked due to not playing for so long.. (*QC duel).
Here: Steam have a link to my Steam profile! Oh! and while I'm at it here is my twitch channel Twitch some times I can be found 'Live' playing a game.
My Knee hurts.
So I've moved my hosting from hostinger to 000webhost, hostinger says they're shutting down their free service and are telling everyone to move over to 000webhost - all seems good apart from the really annoying FTP timeouts and reconnects :/ oh and porting my domain over has been on hell of a pain in the arse CNAMES and A record changes.. nameserver changes didn't work for me as it breaks other services I use with my domain.
I'll just leave this line here for reference...I did this WorldCup spreadsheet thing here, You can change some cells and stuff it's mostly pointless but it partialy helps see who could play who in what round with minimal brain power... maybe

Things I Can Do

I can populate this bit with something interesting, or i can leave it as is.. You decide what I've done.

  • close tag
  • I can the juggle three things
  • I read pointless stuff..
  • Drink much coffee, yes.
  • Game : QuakeLive / Quake Champions
  • Change website templates [sometimes]

A Few Accomplishments

I can juggle and drink coffee and unicycle and computer and Quake and type and Dad and erm other things too

Family Man Level 1

Packed to the rafters for a holiday !

Married my soulmate

She's the bestest friend, wifey and Mommy in the whole worlds!

Step Dad and Dad

Step Dad to two georgious twin girls and Dad to my own little girl

Contact Me

You don't really need to email me, It's here - I've not done anything with this bit, will I ever? who knows?! [spoiler: probably won't]

I removed the contact bit, it's not needed - I could think up a new section but maybe later...
if you check the source you'll see I even left the code in, I'm making you load extra bytes for no reason, HOW EVIL!

Not affiliated with any other webpages which happen to have the same url with a different TDL, Just sayin'.
Also not interesting in other TLD's k thnx bye now..